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1/3 Scale Nieuport 17*

Recently starring in the movie "Fly Boys" the Nieuport 17 got its start in the skies over France back in 1916. Though not a true biplane the Nieuport's "sesquiplane" (one and a half wing) configuration combined the strength and maneuverability of a biplane with the speed of a monoplane to create one of the most successful fighter of the First World War as demonstrated in the Fly Boys movie. Balsa USA now offers this fine aircraft in stunning 1/3 scale with all the performance and glory of the original Nieuport 17.

Kit Features
Many machine and laser cut metal fittings, rigging cable and fittings, huge spun aluminum cowl, large "name brand" hardware package, plug in wings with aluminum tubes, pre bent wire struts with scale fittings, functional "bungee cord" suspension, a photo illustrated manual and full size plans.

Available Accessories
P/N D403 Vinyl Decals - Roundels and Indian Head
P/N G905 (1) 1/3 Scale Vickers Gun
P/N G903 (1) 1/3 Scale Lewis Gun
P/N 489 9 3/8" Du-bro Wheels
Solartex (1) 10m & (1) NI-Rod
Sullivan Carbon Fiber NI- Rods
Du-bro Tank

26/30 pounds
Wing Span
107 3/8" "
Wing Area
2,775 sq/in
Fuse Length
Kit No.

*Kit prices do Not include the Radio Equipment or the Engine necessary to fly the model.

Price: $599.95 (shipping included)